Business Law

Build on the Right Foundation

Are you building a castle or a sand castle? Get the free checklist for protecting your wealth.

Whether you are interested in starting a business from home or are raising substantial investor capital, the Jacob Law Firm has the experience to enable you to grow your business.

Business Entity Selection and Formation

Starting a successful and long-lasting business isn’t as simple as selling lemonade from behind a stand. The government needs to recognize your business, and that recognition comes in many forms, which affect your tax status. We can assess your needs and set up your new business as a limited liability company, s-corp, c-corp, general partnership, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, 501c organization, nonprofit, or more.

Agreements and Contracts

When running your business, you’ll write and sign a wide variety of documents, such as ownership agreements, buy/sell agreements, joint venture agreements, vendor agreements, employment contracts, and more. These documents, if drafted carefully, can protect your company and help things run smoothly. We’ll help create documents that set your company up for long-term success.

Acquisitions, Mergers, Sales, and Dissolutions

When the time comes to drastically alter the structure of your business — whether through a business acquisition, merger, sale, or dissolution — you’ll want to get the best counsel possible. We will represent you throughout the entire process, and advise you on any effects of your deal, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Business Succession Planning

Eventually, the day will come to retire and move on from your business. But successful business succession planning is about more than picking a new leader. You also need to appraise the value of your business and create a cross purchase agreement or entity purchase agreement. We can help create your succession plan and ensure that, when that day comes and goes, your business will thrive for years to come.

Moreover, we can provide due diligence review of your existing legal contracts. With our Firm drafting or reviewing your contract, you can rest assured that every angle has been contemplated and provided for the sole purpose of protecting your interests.