Estate Planning and Probate

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You work hard for your family, so knowing that you have planned for their long-term well-being and financial security can bring you comfort.  We thoroughly analyze your estate and strategize the best means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing trusts for your beloved spouse and children, caring for your pets, supporting personal philanthropic causes and protecting your loved ones. So whether you’re establishing support for loved ones upon your death or planning the parameters of your future medical care, The Jacob Law Firm in Austin, Texas, can help with all aspects of trusts, estates and probate law issues, including:

Standard Wills and Trusts

Passing on your possessions to your heirs is the final act you’ll ever do to take care of them, and vitally important. But inheritance is a tricky process, and there are multiple options available to you. We can help you determine whether a basic will or complex trust is best for you, and help set it up.

Complex Estate Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

If your estate is a complex combination of expensive property, possessions, and other assets, you may want special help with your estate planning. We will reduce your estate tax liability, avoid the probate process and costs, and ensure your estate remains safe and secure, no matter what happens to you.

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

When your plans for giving away inheritance are too specific or unusual for the rigid confines of a will, consider setting up a trust. Revocable trusts are still liable to taxation and can be altered during your life; irrevocable trusts are not taxable, but their assets cannot be altered in any way. We can help you determine whether a revocable or irrevocable trust best fits your needs, and set it up.

Powers of Attorney

When you need a little help making big decisions, you may want to entrust someone with Power of Attorney (also known as POA). Power of Attorney allows a trusted person to make legally-binding decisions in your place, such as paying your bills, managing investments, making health-care decisions, and more. If you become ill or otherwise incapacitated, granting POA becomes time well spent.

Probate & Estate Administration

Being named executor in a person’s will is a huge responsibility, and one you may need help with. An executor must get the will validated, gather the sometimes complicated estate, pay debts, and finally carry out the will’s instructions to distribute assets. We know the probate process well, and can guide you through.


It’s an unfortunate truth that you may not always be around to provide for your children. In the event of an accident, and you become unable to care for your kids, you’ll want them taken care of. We can help you appoint someone you trust as your children’s guardian.

Asset Protection

If you work in certain professions, such as doctor, dentist, or other high-risk occupations, you may someday find yourself facing an unexpected lawsuit. In this case, your entire estate — all your combined assets — may be at risk. Act preemptively now to protect your assets from future lawsuits or unexpected creditors.

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